Another year, another Super-Interhigh! On the 28th February 2013, the kingpins of High School Track and Field step into the arena to battle for the right to be called “THE BEST! ”.  None the less EaglesClub joins in on the action as well.

For the 2013 season EC is privileged to have the opportunity to support both  Hoerskool Kempton Park and Hoerskool Waterkloof.  “Because it is our first year, we’d like to jump out of the blocks and show our support, not only to Athletes but to their schools as well.” –Erwin Schmidt CEO –EaglesClub. Earlier this season Kloffies gave EC the opportunity to host their first EC CLASSIC SHOOT-OUT at the Waterkloof Prestige, LC de Villiers Stadium. Kempies coach JJ Smith welcomed us with open arms and demonstrated great support towards the EC’s programs and structures. To show our gratitude EC decided to sponsor (help fund) Klofies and Kempies Relay speed suits. “These speed suits are special! They are custom tailored and fitted for each member of the relay team specifically. They are perfect.”  Ernst Hatting COO- EaglesCLub.

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