Eagles Academy 2014 – Middle/Long Distance

The Eagles Academy is for athletes older than 16 years that would like to gain the opportunity to train and learn from the best athletes and coaches in south Africa and some in the world. The 8 day Academy will focus on middle and long distance running and will take place in the beautiful hills of Sabie Mpumalanga. Not only will the athletes be training and learning but they will partake in activities that helps to gain that edge in their careers. Camp fees includes Room and Board, Food, Clothing, Eco Activities and much more. If you’d like to partake in this academy but do not have the funds to accommodate you, please let us know as we do have scholarships/sponsorships for some. We also have a work and earn program engaging you with younger athletes throughout the year which if you qualify, one can partake and gain a scholarship for the academy.  Only 26 Seats remaining

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